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Company Introduction

  Qingzhou Shengqiang Greenhouse Technology Engineering Co.,ltd. is located in Huanglou Town, Qingzhou City, Shandong Province, which is a large-scale flower base in the north of the Yangtze River. With more than 10 years of experience in greenhouse construction, it engages in the construction of winter-insulated vegetable greenhouse, flower greenhouse, etc. After the continuous design and improvement on the greenhouse, the company has mastered the construction technology to ensure a low carbon, environmentally friendly, energy-saving greenhouse with high reliability, high quality and high cost performance.

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The greenhouse humidity control has a
DATE: [2016-01-11]
Greenhouse planting in the production process, the most important thing is to control the temperature and humidity of the greenhouse. There are many w ...

Shengqiang Culture

Integrity is the foundation of an enterprise.Scientific innovation is the soul of enterprise development
The staff of Shengqiang keeps a foothold on their job and actively seeks for the development road of modern agriculture.
The company cooperates with large agricultural universities and colleges, devoting itself to changing the traditional agricultural production model.
Improve modernized production technology, develop new intelligent greenhouse
Simplify the complex greenhouse management technology, standardize the simple technology, intelligentize the standard technology and popularize the intelligent agriculture!

With 10 more years' experience in greenhouse construction

Specialized in construction of winter-insulated vegetable greenhouse and flower greenhouse

We have the domestic top-notch design team and professional construction team and improved planting technique service system to ensure the construction quality of greenhouse and agricultural benefits of facilities.
We are capable of building up low-carbon, environmentally friendly, energy-saving greenhouses with high reliability, high quality and high cost performance.

Design optimal solution based on customer demands

Save customer cost on the premise of high quality

Increase customer benefits, and the projects undertaken by us are well-known for high quality, high cost performance and high customer satisfaction in the greenhouse design industry.
Strictly control the product quality, and stick to high quality even if at the price of reducing profits.

We always adhere to the full free technical services

We know that the high quality construction of greenhouse is just the beginning of our objective, and the powerful technology guarantee for your sequent planting is our fundamental pursuit. It is our improved sequent technical service system that brings you more benefits and further success.

Excellent construction team undertakes the project design and installation of large and medium-sized greenhouse and related supporting facilities. We are sincerely looking forward to cooperating with you.