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The greenhouse humidity control has a knack
CLASS: News DATE: 2016-1-11 10:53:42
Greenhouse planting in the production process, the most important thing is to control the temperature and humidity of the greenhouse. There are many ways to control greenhouse temperature, but the greenhouse humidity is relatively difficult to control, the humidity will cause the disease, so for greenhouse humidity what good method? Sheng strong greenhouse is your weapon:
1, the natural ventilation method: in the premise of ensuring greenhouse seedlings from the cold down as much as possible to exhaust ventilation.
2, pest control application method: using anhydrous drug fumigation to control soil, plant diseases and insect pests in greenhouse. Not only can effectively prevent pests and diseases, and can control soil humidity and air humidity.
3, high deep furrow Cultivation: the canopy should choose the terrain, convenient land drainage. Must be a good drainage ditch around the shed greenhouse soil, the adopted high deep furrow cultivation, furrow 30 cm high, in order to filter water drainage.
4, the ground covered with plastic film: the surface and groove with film mulching, this method can reduce the humidity of 20-30%.
I hope the greenhouse humidity control method to help you, if you have more questions about the greenhouse, welcome to sunnysmile greenhouse consulting.