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The choice of plastic film greenhouse
CLASS: News DATE: 2016-1-11 10:45:29
The greenhouse in the building of a very important link is the choice of plastic film. Today several plastic film greenhouse sunnysmile recommended for you to choose:
1, ordinary polyethylene film: light and temperature performance is poor, the greenhouse shed light buckle the initial rate of only 60%---70%, no drip, the service life of 120-150 days, can only cover crop, high cost, poor economic benefit.
2, polyethylene film: anti aging performance, light and temperature dropping and vegetable yield and common polyethylene film of considerable size, but in the greenhouse film coverage for two crop (200-230 days, has not yet reached the end of its life, aging) more than 1 times. Per mu of depreciation cost is low, can be used in large, medium and small.
3, polyethylene dripping and anti aging aging life with polyethylene film: anti aging film, but the intelligent greenhouse drip, the temperature and light performance is good, the effect of increase in yield. The initial koupeng improves the light transmittance of 8%-15%, continuous coverage two stubble transmittance and anti ageing film, 50%-60%; the average low temperature increase of 0.3-0.4 DEG C, the general surface most of the water along the membrane surface flow, flow drip duration is 90-120 days; high vegetable yield 15%-20%. Polyethylene dripping anti-aging film can be widely used in large, medium and small.
4, ethylene vinyl acetate and three layer polyethylene dripping insulation ageing film (EVA multifunctional film): anti aging and polyethylene film life, per mu of the demolition of the old cost is slightly higher, the initial rate of 12% button light shed a 15% increase; high average temperature 1-1.1 degrees high yield 17%-25%. EVA multi functional film due to flow separation drops slow speed, vacuum, light transmittance and ageing resistant film flat for 180 days after buckling shed, existing in the film temperature and light resistance, high yield, aging resistance and anti fog resistance, intelligent greenhouse film represents the direction of development, is large, ideal cover film studio.