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The basic requirements of the greenhouse construction
CLASS: News DATE: 2016-1-11 10:46:05
The greenhouse construction site is no stone emphasized, underground pipelines, underground facilities and other obstacles in the range of one meter deep underground internal construction, construction of the party in accordance with requirements for greenhouse five leveling work, namely, water, electricity and road, telephone, drainage, leveling and compaction site. Without obtaining the geological description or investigation report, the construction unit in accordance with the temporary bearing stratum allowable value is greater than or equal to 80kPa bearing standard, underground water level design and stable within 0 1m under budget.
Independent type foundation embedment depth is about 0 + 0.5m, the greenhouse internal use of independent foundation; greenhouse located around 0.5 meters high wall skirt, which is about 0.5 meters + 0, + 0 on the basis of 0.50m, and the top beam based embedded anchor, used to connect the upper structure column, dado inside and outside the cement mortar; the greenhouse located around 80cm wide concrete apron; greenhouse peripheral facilities drainage ditch apron. The greenhouse around the drainage ditch built by the owners. Design according to the national standard "design code of building foundation" (GBJ50007-2002). If the geological description and the actual situation of construction provided (such as survey report) does not match, then the basic design, adjust the design calculation and estimate of greenhouse based.