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The working principle of smart greenhouse system.
CLASS: News DATE: 2016-1-11 10:43:48
Intelligent greenhouse system is based on the information of temperature and humidity in the greenhouse, soil moisture and soil temperature sensor, using the RS485 bus will be sent to 485 to 232 of the sensor information received on the PC converter, display, alarm, query.
According to sampling data of the greenhouse monitoring center will receive in the form of table and storage, then the set alarm value, if the measured value exceeds the set range, through the screen display or alarm voice alarm, and print records. At the same time, the monitoring center can send control commands to the controller, monitor the operation according to the instructions to control the cooling dehumidification blower, pumps and other equipment, to ensure the growth of crops in the greenhouse environment. The monitoring center can through the alarm instructions to monitor the site start sound and light alarm device, notify the greenhouse management personnel to take corresponding measures to ensure the normal indoor environment preservation.