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The breakdown of the advantages of Intelligent Greenhouse
CLASS: News DATE: 2016-1-11 10:42:11
Temperature, humidity, light and carbon dioxide concentration is affecting crop growth important environmental factors, we are planting crops, generally can not quickly according to the changes of environmental factors to make appropriate adjustment for greenhouse. To overcome this drawback, intelligent greenhouse can well solve quickly and.
Intelligent greenhouse on greenhouse air temperature, soil temperature, relative humidity, carbon dioxide concentration, light intensity and other parameters were adjusted automatically in real time, to create a better environment for plant growth, so that the temperature of the indoor environment to achieve a better state, in order to meet the demand of greenhouse crop growth, suitable for seedling breeding, rare the rare flower cultivation and other venues, to increase the yield of greenhouse products, reduce the labor force. Full mechanized operation, to control the biological growth to better the external factors, the external environment can achieve a higher standard.