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Enterprise values: Innovative development, Pursuit of excellence

Enterprise spirit: Open up, Innovation, Factualism, Devotion

Overall target: New product, Good performance, Great contribution, Rich employees

Market concept: Quality of today is the market of tomorrow, reputation of the enterprise is an intangible market and the satisfaction of customers is the eternal market.

Management philosophy: Field management normalization; quality management standardization; cost management marketization; marketing management networked; integrated management humanization.

Quality concept: Qualified product is our responsibility and excellent quality is our contribution;

Talent cherish concept: Talents are the valuable treasure of the enterprise, the enterprise offers opportunities to employees and the employees create wealth for the enterprise.

Talent selection concept: The most needed and practiced talent rather than the most senior or famous person.

Talent cultivation concept: Enrich the thoughts and maintain talents; hold talents with tolerance; cultivate talents with cares; not only train the "economic man", but also foster high-level "moral person".

Talents utilization concept: Look for talents sincerely and use talents practically; the greater capability, the larger stage.

Sense of duty to employees: Care what the employees cared, worry what the employees worried and solve what the employees confused.

Sense of duty to partners: With mutual benefit and win-win cooperation to grow together