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Thin film intelligent multi-span greenhouse
CLASS: Thin film intelligent multi-span greenhouse DATE: 2016-1-11 16:49:36
The manufacturing cost of thin film multi-span intelligent greenhouse is relatively low, and such an economical greenhouse is applicable to most areas of our country. The double-layer film greenhouse is popular at the northern area, but the single-layer film greenhouse is more applicable to the southern area. 

After the double layer is inflated, a thick air bag can be formed, which can effectively prevent heat from escaping from and the cold air from invading into the greenhouse to realize the excellent insulation effect and low operating cost in winter. The covering material on the roof is the durable polyethylene membrane, the external layer of which can resist the ultraviolet light, and the internal layer of which can prevent the collection of dew. The periphery can be covered by the durable polyethylene membrane or polycarbonate hollow sheet, as required by the customers. 

1. Effectively prevent the heat from escaping from and the cold air from invading into the greenhouse, with good heat insulation property and low energy consumption. 
2. High use ratio inside the greenhouse, low cost, convenient to use.  
3. Large space inside the greenhouse, good ventilation, applicable to areas with a moderate climate.