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Greenhouse vegetable natural temperature on high lipid membranes
CLASS: News DATE: 2016-1-11 10:51:24
The so-called "natural temperature" is not without any cause or reason temperature has increased, but because of the hard work of the unknown hero, the hero is high lipid. Then the greenhouse vegetables is how to rely on high lipid membranes warming? Sheng Qiang greenhouse to introduce specific methods are as follows:
Preparation, bedding or containers in the greenhouse, cattle manure, pig manure, garbage, manure and fresh chopped or crushed straw, straw in soil filling, then add the appropriate amount of high lipid membranes, and finally landfill garden soil, so the raw materials to ferment function strains can be used as nutritional work. These raw materials by greenhouse warming high lipid membranes fermentation microbial decomposition, the release of heat can be slow, gradually improve the soil and air temperature, and can increase the concentration of carbon dioxide, to ensure the normal growth of vegetables. Of course, if the rapid warming in the greenhouse, it also has a faster way, only the materials with high lipid mixture, and made lots of 2-3 cubic meters, about water to 60%, three, five days in pile temperature rose to 75 degrees, the material stack became a "soil heating system the real" can be overturned several times, in order to adjust the temperature inside and outside the heap. The fermentation heap benefits can be: temperature, fertilizer, less disease, greenhouse crop growth accelerated, increasing soil fertility, can.