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The new greenhouse preparation work before
CLASS: News DATE: 2016-1-11 10:52:30
First of all: Paul wall
The three walls of vegetable greenhouses, constructed the framework, at the same time, it is key to ensure the firmness and insulation of greenhouse. For the new greenhouse, although in the pile wall, the track car rolled, greenhouse and used excavator cut wall, but three of the wall on both sides of the loose soil, the slope is big, in the face of heavy rain and other weather, more will be washed by the rain, severe, or even part of the wall collapse. To this end, Sheng strong greenhouse suggested that the majority of the shanty, in the rainy season, we should do a good job in the wall for rain.
Second: Anti Rust
Now the majority of new greenhouses are used galvanized steel pipe as the inside and outside of the greenhouse skeleton material, but the steel on the market for more than 6 m, and in the span of 10 meters, the building will be two shantytowns size the same pipe (more than 1 inch half pipe welding) in use, however, will destroy the steel tube in the welding process of galvanized layer.
Third: flood and waterlogging
The new greenhouse in the building, is likely to shed the soil before use, relative to the studio table is still high, the mainland, if the rainy season is likely to rain water shed. The rain is too big, too much water is shed, a shed column will cause subsidence; two will soak three face wall, the harm is very large. Therefore, I suggest that the majority of the shanty, must do the work of flood discharge during the rainy season.
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