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Glass intelligent greenhouse
CLASS: Glass intelligent greenhouse DATE: 2016-1-11 16:34:42
The intelligent glass greenhouse adopts the hot galvanized steel structure, being covered with 4-5mm high quality float glass or tempered glass with the light transmittance exceeding 90%. The covering material can be changed as required by the customers. The roof and periphery are constructed with the special aluminum profile for glass fixation.   
The glass greenhouse has an attractive appearance, good light transmittance, excellent demonstration effect, long service life and other advantages. The roof window of the greenhouse can be opened driven by the gear rack, which ensure the 27% of ventilation rate. The two end faces of the greenhouse can be installed with wet curtains and fans as required by the customers, and the aluminum sash window, casement window or side-opening window can also be installed on both end faces and side faces. 
The glass greenhouse is of high degree of automation and requires a large amount of one-off investment and higher technical and management level.