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Bird's nest greenhouse
CLASS: Bird's nest greenhouse DATE: 2016-1-18 9:48:51

The bird's nest greenhouse is a new greenhouse designed based on bionics. It uses the triangle crossing method in which the birds make nests, and combines the hexagon reinforcement method to form a weather-proof sphere greenhouse with high strength. This invention fills in many technical voids in the domestic conventional greenhouse industry, and enriches the diversified development of greenhouse industry. Its main advantages are shown as follows: 
1. Novel appearance: With a hemispherical structure or the structure in the shape of a flying saucer, and its height reaches to a half of the diameter, which appears magnificent. Either a single bird's nest greenhouse or conjoined bird's nest greenhouse group will be a non-ignorable beautiful landscape! 
2. Environment protection and energy conservation: The bird's nest greenhouse can control the temperature with the water thermo-regulated technology, aerosol cooling, top heat aggregation effect, intelligent window system, fan and wet curtain. Therefore, there is an energy-saving solution all year round.   
3. High utility rate of space: For the planting industry, combined with the existing advanced stereoscopic cultivation technique, the area under cultivation can be 3-5 times of the original areas, which largely improve the efficiency of greenhouse cultivation and the degree of intensive management. For the sightseeing agriculture, the spacious space can meet the abundant innovative conception. 
4. Solid stability: A Wind resistance: The sphere has no right windward side, which makes it decompose the strong wind from different angles. The bird's nest greenhouse is the geometrical sphere grid structure with the most strong ability to resist the wind in the current world, and it can resist strong wind above 11 grades. B Crush resistance: The bird's nest greenhouse is a sphere structure that uses the stability of the triangular crossing structure to build the greenhouse framework. The average bearing capacity of each joint of the structure will reach to 600 Kg above, which gives it the strong resistance to pressure. C Seismic resistance: Due to the long-span structure without columns of the greenhouse and combined with the triangle framework, the greenhouse can resist earthquake magnitude above 7 with the powerful seismic resistance.    
5. High cost performance: The bird's nest greenhouse can be used normally for 12-15 years, and the total construction price of each square meter is about RMB 350, which is slightly higher than the traditional greenhouse, but significantly lower than the multi-span greenhouse and glass greenhouse. Therefore, it is the most cost-effective intelligent greenhouse up to now.   
6. Extensive use: It is applicable to vegetable space production, sales of flower seedling, ecological restaurant, sightseeing agriculture, family greenhouse, live QQ farm, shelter, plant, indoor playing ground, indoor swimming pool, etc., and thus it is a new greenhouse with extensive application, wide development space and good market outlook.