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PC sheet multi-span intelligent greenhouse
CLASS: PC sheet intelligent greenhouse DATE: 2016-1-11 16:49:36
Features of PC sheet multi-span intelligent greenhouse 
I. Light structure, impact-resistant, good load capacity, excellent heat insulation, durable, with elegant appearance. 
II. The PC sheet can save 40% more material than other covering materials.   

Structural Features 
I. All-steel keel as the support, more than 15 years of long service life 
II. Excellent wind-resistant and snow-resistant ability 
III. Bolted framework, easy to install, ecological, durable 
IV. Multi-span design, spacious inside room, high land use rate, applicable to large area planting and mechanized operation 

Venlo PC sunlight sheet greenhouse adopts single or multi-layer hollow PC sheet as the top or surrounding enclosure, the special aluminum alloy as the framework, galvanized steel as the main body framework. In addition, it has an attractive appearance, good light transmittance and excellent heat insulation property. The special uvioresistant PC sheet can ensure the light transmittance. 

Venlo PC Sheet Greenhouse Archeded PC Sheet Greenhouse
Span 6.4m、7.2m、8.0m、9.6m、10.8m、12.0m、16.0m 6.4m、8.0m、9.6m、12.0m、16.0m
Gutter Height 3.0-8.0m 2.5-8.0m
Intercolumniation 4.0-8.0m 4.0-8.0m
Wind Load 0.5KN/㎡ 0.5KN/㎡
Snow Load 0.3KN/㎡ 0.3KN/㎡