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Note the new greenhouse construction
CLASS: News DATE: 2016-1-11 10:40:37
1, the greenhouse framework uses the high quality galvanized pipe weld flat, smooth, rigid frame, anti strong wind and snow covered, simple, good sealing performance. Because the skeleton surface all adopted hot galvanized antirust processing service life than ordinary pipe or steel structure.
2, through the connecting piece assembly skeleton assembly built fast.
3, after the slope with double greenhouse composite rock wool insulation materials, excellent insulation.
4, the greenhouse West and North 100mm---150mm polystyrene sandwich wall insulation support superior performance regenerative effect is obvious.
A large space is provided with a greenhouse leaked 40 mesh insect proof net operation, 5 in greenhouse.
6, mechanical rolling greenhouse insulation and short time saving labor.
7, the special configuration of greenhouse micro spray can adjust water and the degree of atomization, drip irrigation and other water-saving irrigation system and automatic gas control system.